Race the Wind

by: Tobias Stapelfeldt

Game Type(s): Industry
# of Players | icon Players: 2 - 5
Age: 14 +
Available Languages

MSRP: $59.95
Status: In-Print
Stock Number: 087

The RacetheWind, sailing cup, is an extraordinary game by Ghenos, reproducing the world of regattas and those fascinating match race duels. Learn to sail though its simple yet ingenious rules, and manoeuvre your boat as if you were sailing for real, experiencing a series of exciting and unforgettable challenges. You will perform electrifying starting manoeuvres, build upwind and downwind courses, and adopt the most efficient overlap and wind shadow tactics. You will have to handle wind falls, gusts and wind changes to the best of your abilities before you can win the yearned for Sailing cup. These characteristics make RacetheWind suitable for the general public, as well as expert sailors, sailing charters, nautical clubs and sailing schools, as part of their courses. Get onboard and hoist your sails. The sea awaits you. What are you waiting for?

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